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Aj Davis

I’m a portrait photographer based in Pittsburgh. I began my photography "career" around 5 years ago, leading me to attend Westinghouse Arts Academy in my high school years to jumpstart my professional career in the digital art realm. My art has led me to earn several awards through Robert Morris University's Digital Media Arts Consortium (DMAC) competition, upholding excellence in the digital cinema category as well as the photojournalism category. 

With my art, I want to portray an almost surreal experience, leaving the concept open-ended that allows the viewer to think about the subject or landscape. The most important aspect of art is to let the audience feel their own thoughts and emotions. This is what art is all about: everyone’s individual interpretation of a piece.

In the future, I hope to own a company in the digital space to provide space for new and upcoming creators in a playhouse-like atmosphere. To have a space to facilitate full creative freedom is a dream I’d love to share with my fellow artistic community, whether in Pittsburgh or beyond.

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